Collect. Store. Distribute. Automate. Industry Leading Suppression List Management for Email and SMS

Email and SMS Compliance solutions to automate opt-out collection and suppression list management


OPTIZMO Solutions


  •  Providing email advertisers and affiliate networks with the ability to automate opt-out preferences and securely collect, store, and distribute sensitive email suppression lists.
  • Clients can quickly and easily view opt-out volume, alerts, download statistics, and create automated transfers and list synchronization.
  •  The user-friendly platform makes it efficient for advertisers to expand their email acquisition programs with multiple mailing partners, while maintaining control over the entire process to remain compliant with the CAN-SPAM Act.  


  •  Empowering SMS advertisers and SMS senders to collect and distribute SMS based opt-out lists to and from third-party channel partners while providing all relevant analytics.
  •  The system delivers brand protection to advertisers interested in adding SMS acquisition marketing as a viable channel.


  • The industry’s most secure suppression list management platform.
  • Continuous testing and optimization of data security practices along to meet rigorous security standards.


  • Granular, easy to understand activity reporting provides actionable insights and data intelligence.
  • Robust alert notification system to identify and address potential issues quickly.


  • Unmatched file processing speed, enabling clients to easily manage large data files within the system.
  • An easy-to-use platform UI with intuitive workflows saves clients time and effort.

Transparency & Support

  • A truly neutral and trusted platform with no potential conflicts of interest.
  • Best-in-class support and training 24/7, every day.

With over 600 clients and partners, OPTIZMO works with organizations that run the spectrum of major consumer brands, large tech companies, niche direct marketers, performance networks, and numerous other email and SMS marketing businesses.

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