Filter Out Bots And Fraud To Increase Performance

Improve campaign performance by accurately eliminating bots, malware, and human fraud without false positives in real time.


The world’s most accurate fraud solution, providing unparalleled protection against online threats and fraudulent activities. This service prides itself on its accuracy and the comprehensive safety it offers to online platforms, ensuring a secure digital environment.

Unparalleled fraud protection

High accuracy in threat detection

Secure digital environment

With No False Positives™ or Lost Opportunities

Anura empowers you to analyze data and pinpoint the exact source of fraud, enabling you to develop an actionable plan in real-time. Our user-friendly dashboard provides concise and comprehensive insights for confident decision-making.

Find More Fraud™ | Maximize Campaign Performance

At the core of our solution lies a comprehensive analysis of numerous data points, enabling us to determine the identity and nature of visitors to your web assets. By doing so, we enhance the overall performance of your campaigns.

Proof of Fraud™ | Trusted Transparent Data

Identify and analyze traffic in real-time. Quickly identify threats, strengthen defenses, and improve visitor quality. Anura helps you pinpoint the source of fraud, allowing you to develop an action plan to eliminate or block it in real-time.

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Start tracking every partnership and channel, analyze what delivers revenue and engagement, and consolidate your growth efforts.

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