Versatile Fraud Prevention Built For All Campaign Types

Start monitoring the quality of incoming clicks / conversions from your campaigns and using real-time fraud monitoring and rejection.


Everflow's integration with 24metrics allows you to reject any traffic that does not meet your quality standards. Get more granular control over your clicks/conversions with rule management and mapping directly in the Everflow UI, in addition to enablement at the Offer, Partner, and Advertiser levels.

Real-time fraud screening for Clicks and Conversions

Perfect for CPC campaigns, eCommerce, leads, & mobile offers

Even deeper traffic quality monitoring & blocking

Deeper Reporting For Higher ROI

24Metrics provides highly granular reports with unlimited sub-ID level screening and filtering capabilities per Offer, Advertiser, and Partner, offering actionable conversion insights.

Real-Time Fraud Prevention

Eliminate pending periods and take action immediately by using an updated real-time clicks and/or conversions rejection that instantly filters out traffic that fails to meet your quality criteria.

Rule Management Made Easy

Between 24metrics and Everflow UI, you have complete control over adding and modifying rules to precisely filter your traffic flow according to your needs.

Ready To Scale Your Growth?

Start tracking every partnership and channel, analyze what delivers revenue and engagement, and consolidate your growth efforts.

Transparent Pricing Tiers

Unlimited Seats & Access

World Class Support