Why Partnerships Are The Foundation Of Sequel’s Growth Strategy

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Join us for a conversation with Oana Manolache, the founder and CEO, of Sequel (which powers this webinar.) We'll explore her experiences growing the startup and why they've doubled down on partnerships as a major growth engine.

Startup Growth

What levers can drive startup growth in the early days with limited resources and time.

Effective Partnerships

Why partnerships are an essential strategy for driving efficient growth.

Webinar Strategies

How to make an impact through your webinar and virtual event strategy.

Rev Up Your Webinar Experience: Deep Dive Into Sequel's Strategy for Growth, Partnerships, and Impactful Marketing

If you're working in the B2B marketing space, chances are you've been to a few webinars or have considered hosting one yourself. Webinars have become an essential tool in the marketing toolkit for businesses, especially when it comes to building partnerships, increasing brand visibility, and generating higher engagement with customers. I had the opportunity to chat with Oana Manolache, the founder and CEO of Sequel, a company that is revolutionizing the way organizations host webinars and live events on their websites.

The driving force behind Sequel? A growth strategy that focuses on partnerships and the ever-evolving role of webinars in the digital marketing landscape. Oana shared some insights into Sequel's approach to building and nurturing these collaborations, as well as the importance of using webinars for marketing purposes.

According to Oana, having a partnership strategy is crucial for marketing teams. Growing partnerships should involve intention, structure, and organization-wide buy-in. This means that both partners need to be invested in each other's success and involve the sales team in partnership initiatives.

But how do you get more attendees for your webinars? Oana suggests being patient and consistent, activating co-marketing and promotions, and employing tactics like website pop-ups and calendar placeholders. Boosting attendance can also be achieved by using unconventional titles or hooks, offering exclusive access and resources to live attendees, and not being afraid to make sessions available on-demand for those who can't attend live events.

On-demand webinars are no less valuable than live sessions, as they can still generate high intent and engagement among attendees. Oana also emphasizes the significant role partnerships play in marketing success and suggests using CRM mapping tools to identify audience overlaps and potential collaborations.

But that's not all! Sequel has recently released an exciting new feature called Sequel AI, which automatically generates summaries and blog posts based on webinar content. This innovative approach leverages artificial intelligence to create more efficient marketing strategies and help foster better partnerships.

We were particularly intrigued by Oana's insights on the benefits of a well-executed LinkedIn content strategy, which can help drive meaningful business outcomes for both partners. As we look ahead to the future of marketing and partnerships, companies like Sequel are redefining the ways in which we communicate, collaborate, and lead successful campaigns.

In essence, webinars are no longer a one-off event. They have become a dynamic part of the marketing and partnership ecosystem – and Sequel is at the forefront of this evolution. So, next time you're planning a webinar, consider not only the content but also the relationships and strategies that will make it a success. We all can't wait to see where Sequel's growth trajectory and innovations in the webinar space will lead us!

Meet The Experts

Oana Manolache
CEO & Founder

Oana Manolache is the Founder and CEO of Sequel.

Previous to Sequel, Oana built a fast growing career at HP in marketing, B2B sales and business development, working in Europe and the US alongside top leadership. She managed strategic plans and cross-functional teams alignment for one of the most profitable business units at HP to achieve business targets.

Oana Manolache
CEO & Founder

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