Usage-based transparent pricing

Grow your Pipeline
Through Partnerships


Track, manage, provide a portal for, and pay your partners

Email Attribution

Attribute ongoing performance to
email addresses

Track All

Track and scale engagement, upsells, renewals

Use Your
CRM Data

Sync HubSpot & CRM pipeline data as events

Tie Payouts
To Pipeline

Align your payouts to leads that become customers

Optimize Ads
Using Events

Push your event data into your ad platforms

292M+ Events
tracked by clients in 2021

Learn From Expert Playbooks

Daniela Kretchmer

"What Drives HubSpot's B2B Affiliate Program Success"

  • Build partnerships with review websites, PPC affiliates using content & integration partners.
  • Developing strong affiliate relationships takes an enticing commission structure that lets them earn quickly from their tests.
  • Find where your audience lives and build partnerships with the relevant influencers and communities.

Tammy Porter
Acceleration Partners

"B2B Affiliate Management Lessons: From Brand-Side to Agency"

  • There are massive new opportunities for partnering with B2B influencers and creators
  • To be successful you need to understand your company objectives and incentivize partner behavior towards hitting those goals.
  • Build landing pages that are proven to convert. Your partners to see success from their efforts quickly to be motivated enough to ramp up promotions.

Evan Heby

"Leveraging The Creator Economy To Drive Results"

  • There is a new generation of creators producing content and influence outside of their main jobs.
  • Reach out to creators that would want to authentically promoting your business.
  • Evolve the relationship from passion to full businesses through aligned compensation.
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