Track Performance
Without using Links

Access powerful tracking solutions that open up your ability to drive more performance from more types of Partners: Affiliates, Influencers, Referrals, In-App Publishers, and Media Buying. With Everflow, go past traditional tracking links with:

  • Impression Tracking - Enable View-Through Attribution when it's the right fit.
  • Tracking Code URLs - Generates unique destination pages for each Partner's code.
  • Direct Linking - Track users when they reach your website without messy links.

Break down the barriers between your Performance Marketing channels by using a single platform that can track and compare all of your performance.

EverXChange Curated
Partner Marketplace

Discover curated Partners that deliver massive results. Stop spending your time sifting through a massive marketplace of affiliates, we've handpicked Partners that deliver the following:

  • Massive Scale - Connect one Partner to access thousands of opportunities.
  • Media Buying Excellence - Connect with masters at driving performance through Social, Native, SEM, and more.
  • Unique Opportunities - Innovative companies offering something special.

With EverXChange connecting to these high impact Partners easy: Select a Partner, invite them, and they are instantly ready to start promoting your chosen offers without any setup required.

Deep Reporting And
Analysis At Scale

Partnership Marketing has changed. Understanding the top-line performance of your Partners is not enough, you need to be able to easily break down their performance by each placement. Everflow was built from day one with Google Cloud Infrastructure, which enables:

  • Drill Down Reporting - Break down and compare your performance from every Partner, Placement, City, and more.
  • Fast Real-Time Reporting - You can scale securely on Everflow knowing we already smoothly process 20B+ monthly clicks and impressions.
  • Auto-Optimization - Use SmartSwitch to set acceptable metrics for traffic quality, and block placements that violate those rules.

Access and schedule the reporting that matters to your business, including: Click-to-Conversion Time, Cohorts, Variability, Events, and more.

Track Partners and Every Performance Channel

Everflow provides you with an all-in-one platform for managing your Affiliates, Influencers, referral relationships, and strategic partnerships. Unlock analytics that go beyond your Partners: Track all of your performance marketing channels and break down the data to find your best sources.

Google Cloud Infrastructure

Everflow was built from day one on Google Cloud, which lets us process billions of clicks monthly at lightning speeds. Our BigQuery setup provides real time access to your data for marketing decisions, comparisons and deeper analysis. See our joint case study on how we've built a better platform:

Direct Linking - Clickless Tracking

Track every Partner's performance without messy tracking links. With Direct Linking, we start the tracking process from your landing page instead of requiring a link. This is essential for tracking channels like Facebook, Google, and most Social channels.

Smart Links - Match the Right User for each Offer

Every user click is valuable. Whenever a user is delivered to one of your offers and doesn't match your targeting requirements, you can deliver that user to your Smart Links. Smart Links are a group of your offers or partnered products. When the user is sent to a Smart Link, Everflow will check through the group of offers to deliver them to an offer with matching targeting requirements. Ensuring the user goes to the right offer based on their country, city, your available budget, or other targeting requirements.

Click-to-Conversion Time Reporting

Click-to-Conversion Time is one of the most powerful reports for understanding your Partner’s promotions and stopping fraud. For eCommerce advertisers, this report makes it easy for you to catch Partners that are using coupon/promo codes to snipe conversions. For mobile advertisers, this data can be used to automatically block placements doing click injection and spamming.

Protect Yourself with Managed Proxy Service

Protect your platform from bots and other malicious threats. Our fully managed Proxy Service protects your campaigns and provides a solid SLA in case of any downtime caused by external attacks.

Breakdown Data by Any Metric

Our cloud-based platform can instantly pull every data point and compare them against each other. With our Analytics reports you can choose any metric. Selecting an offer will let you see a breakdown of the Partners running it. If you then select the Partner, you can see their performance for that offer by city, placement, device, etc.

Track Every Impression

You can enable Everflow to track every ad impression and the View-Through Attribution (VTA) conversion from those impressions. VTA opens up a massive amount of marketing channels that are good at driving results, but not clicks.

Smart Messaging Capabilities

Message your Partners using smart rules. For example, you can message all of the Partners actively running your selected offer. You can also include dynamically generated offer and tracking details, so they can start promoting your new offers right away.

Scrubbing & Adjustments

Not every Partner stacks up to their promises. We provide you with easy-to-use functionality for adjusting conversions, payouts, and handling charge-backs. We also provide you with a host of tools for stopping these bad clicks and conversions before they need to be scrubbed.

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Expert Customer Support

Customer Success comes first at Everflow. We've assembled a superstar team of industry veterans that are available 24/7 to make sure that your issues and questions get personally resolved. You can reach out to them at any time in-platform via LiveChat, and via Email, Ticket, or call.

Shopify Integration

Setting up your Shopify store is easy with our deep integration for tracking purchases, reporting, and refunds. You're automatically set up with Direct Linking, so your Partners won't even need a tracking link.

Track Every Conversion & Event

Track each Partner and channel the right way. You can set them up for cost per click, action, impression, and every interaction. Pay them out for both the conversion and any post-conversion events.

Compliant Email Marketing

You can manage your email campaigns with all of the required details. Keep your Partners compliant through our full integrations with: Ezepo and Optizmo for managing suppression lists.

Understand Every User's Click

Troubleshooting requires going deeper. Make sure your Partners are passing the right data points and delivering the best users. We make it easy to view every single user click with a full snapshot of where they came from and the details that were passed.

Understand Every Event & Engagement

Your initial conversion is just the starting line. With Everflow, track every event that happens after the user converts. Select the events you want to track privately, and which events will reward your Partners for delivering that extra value. Flexible reporting makes it easy to see a quick breakdown of your Event-level performance for each Partner and placement.

Automate Optimization with SmartSwitch

Everflow provides a better way to optimize your campaigns, while stamping out fraud sources. SmartSwitch lets you set clear automation rules: For example, blocking traffic from any Partner sources that delivers 1000 clicks with 0 conversions, and then notify your Partners that these placements will be blocked. These smart rules can save your team massive amounts of time, proactively block bad placements, and let you focus on growing your revenue. You can automate optimization based on click-to-conversion time, conversion rates, event rates, and even MMP data.

Automatic Fraud Prevention

We provide you with deterministic Anti-Fraud solutions that stack on top of each other to create a multi-layer defense for your marketing campaigns. Start with SmartSwitch, which turns your anti-fraud and MMP data into automated placement-level action. Enable your offers to block duplicate clicks, duplicate conversions, proxies, and unnatural click-to-conversion times. Utilize Traffic Controls to block to create blacklists of parameters to block. These are just a handful of the existing tools for protecting your marketing efforts.

Powerful Third Party Integrations

Our integrations are client driven, based on their requests and needs. Add another lay of protection with Anti-Fraud vendors including: Forensiq, Anura, and 24metrics. Pay your Partners globally with full compliance using Veem and Tipalti. Keep your email campaigns in compliance with Ezepo and Optizmo.

EverXChange - Partner Discovery

A better Partner marketplace: Recruit from a curated list of high value publisher opportunties, and launch them without any setup. Instead of being overwhelmed by 10K unreviewed affiliates, you'll see handpicked Partners that drive either: Massive Scale, Media Buying excellence, or offer something special. Built to help you find the one or two key partnerships that let you scale your Partner Marketing to the next level.

Whitelist/Blacklist based on Device IDs

For Mobile Clients, the Data Management System allows you to Whitelist/Blacklist Device IDs. Create a Whitelist with your ideal audience segments to only receive matching users for a targeted campaign. Create a Blacklist for existing installed devices to ensure that you're only paying for new devices.

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Full set up your Partner Marketing Program for a Shopify Store with just a few clicks. Our app automatically handles the Direct Linking tracking setup across your store.


Use our Smart Links to create a bundle of products or offers. Each user sent through that link will be matched to a targeted offer. You can auto-optimize the priority for these offers based on your KPI goals, including: Revenue, CVR, and Event Rate.


Stop paying massive transaction fees every time you pay out Partners. Using Everflow to pay Partners is flexible and easy for both sides. Our integrated payment solutions provide transparently affordable processing globally with full compliance.


Easily catch Partners that are poaching your organics through coupons or click spamming. Everflow's Click-to-Conversion Time alerts notify you whenever a Partner's conversions are unnaturally fast.


Everything in your Everflow platform is fully accessible via API. Pull data to your other systems, push data into Everflow, and have full control over your program.


Stop Fraud with SmartSwitch, integrations with major anti-fraud vendors, and powerful defenses throughout Everflow. Protect your program with Managed Proxy Service, Scrubbing tools, and Email Suppression List integrations.

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Brad's Deals was looking for a robust solution to help improve our in-house affiliate partner tracking needs. Everflow met all of the criteria we required during the evaluation process. The platform gave us quick and seamless access to new e-commerce merchants who otherwise would not be able to partner with us.

We appreciate that Everflow was simple to integrate into our existing systems and has helped us expand our affiliate partner reach in a more strategic and impactful way for our business.

Casey Runyan of Brad's Deals
Managing Editor
Brad's Deals Logo


Skillz was looking for a solution to help us manage and track our affiliate and strategic distribution partnerships in a mobile ecosystem. Everflow offered everything we were looking for and more with highly competitive pricing. The onboarding process was seamless and their intuitive platform made it very easy to migrate and launch new campaigns.

But above all, Everflow's service first approach and incredible customer service has made them a joy to work with and validated our choice in making them our long-term growth partner.

Felipe Becerra of Skillz
Felipe Becerra
Strategic & Affiliate Partnership
Skillz Logo


Everflow has been a game-changer for me!

I own a supplement company and my growth and scale is driven through direct-response marketing. But because of having a Shopify store, my options for an affiliate platform were limited. You see, the platforms available to me did not allow for sub ids and postbacks… which many publishers require. I was stuck until I found Everflow. It integrates with Shopify and handles sub id and postback tracking. Now I can scale my company the way I’ve been wanting to.

Sandy DeRose of DeRose Health
Sandy DeRose
Bold Screen Media Logo


After comparing platforms we chose Everflow. Everflow has an intuitive design, it was the only solution with a completely open API we could build around, and it was affordable. It just made sense to go with them over other platforms with limitations.

Key takeaways others brand should know for considering Everflow: Amazing team, amazing system.

Ryan Green ofGridwise
Ryan Green
Co-Founder & CEO
AdColony Logo


Great platform, easy to use, and my team loves MTTI report and investigator features. The platform easily handles the massive scale of our business, with no slow downs from pulling reporting or setting up new clients. Their support team has consistently proven itself by quickly addressing and resolving our questions and requests. Everflow has made is massively easier to manage our performance business, make better decisions, and keep our partners happy.

Vitali Abramov of FMG
Vitali Abramov
FMG Logo


Everflow was the up-and-comer platform we considered for growing the UA side of our business, and it was clear to us that it was the gold standard solution. We've been super happy with the platform's advanced capabilities, and it's been a real relief to not deal with all of the annoying hassles and issues that are common with some of the legacy platforms out there.

Dan Alexander of OPN
Dan Alexander
Bold Screen Media Logo


Everflow has been by far the most intuitive and advance tracking platform I have used in my 6+ years in the industry. The technology they have developed has enabled us unparalleled granularity in regulating targeting, allowing us to deliver amazing results for our advertisers.

Another huge factor that makes this platform stand out above others is their flexibility to build out custom tools, giving us the ability to adapt quickly with the ever changing mobile ecosystem. I am beyond impressed with what the platform they have built!

Alexander Cano of AdColony
Alexander Cano
Director of Performance
AdColony Logo