Fast and simple way to load data from 1000's of data sources to Everflow

Market leader in providing analytic ready data from over 10,000 data sources

Precog empowers any user to collect, prepare and analyze over 1000 marketing data sources for Everflow, business intelligence, dashboards and machine learning.  Precog’s intelligent data detector understands your data regardless of format and turns it into tidy, named tables. Precog works with all data sources and can be deployed without data integration engineers or developers.

Precog is a modern software tool that lets Business Analysts or Data Scientists connect to any API/SQL/No-SQL data source, authenticate in the manner required, paginate the data so it’s always pulling the most current data, then build analytic ready tables directly from the JSON data.

These tables can be streamed directly to your BI or Data science tool, or pushed to a Data warehouse or Database in a single click.
Precog is a universal way to easily access API/SQL/no-SQL data for analytics that requires no coding, queries complex queries, or technical expertise in order to obtain analytic value. It presents the data in a simple data browser, users can easily pick the data they need, Precog turns it into tables. Users can also perform a variety of transformations to clean, and blend the data.