Accurate Fraud Detection Built For The Affiliate Industry With 40% Greater Detection Rates

IPQS is fraud's worst enemy, providing fraud detection & monitoring to prevent bots, fake clicks, & risky traffic

Access a full suite of fraud tools built upon over 10 years of technology.

IPQS protects your affiliate network with the same technology protecting Enterprise sites like eBay, Expedia, Cisco, & many more.Identify high risk clicks with over 40% greater detection than similar providers.

IPQS network of honeypots and traps identifies compromised connections and infected devices commonly used for affiliate fraud.Detect location spoofing, device spoofing, non-human bots, and even automated software for stuffing lead generation data. IPQS automatically stays up to date with the latest threats.

The integration with the Everflow platform allows to get a fraud flag attached to the click or the postback marking the conversion or click invalid based on the score that IPQS sends: