Most Customisable And Versatile Anti-Fraud Solution In The Market For All Types Of Campaigns
Fraud Detection on a Conversion level, and Fraud Prevention on a Click level. The most customizable and diverse anti-fraud solution
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By combining two products together, Fraudshield and Clickshield, we focus on both Fraud detection and Fraud prevention on a click level.

Fraudshield is the most diverse and reason specific, anti fraud provider, as all it's features and settings can be customised on Offer, Affiliate or Product level.

We maximised transparency to the fullest, through features such as Guest Access, and being 100% compatible with the Fraud Rejection reasons from Appsflyer 360 and Adjust.

With Clickshield we block and redirect clicks in real time and with Everflow we can even integrate you only on an offer level with a one- click integration!

Exclusive Offer for Everflow clients: 

Enterprise trial account for the price of the Professional one. Cancel anytime you want.
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