Publisher Discovery

We find and recommend the best affiliate publishers to recruit from across the web. You can see what affiliates your competitors use and pull this into a GAP analysis report to show where the gaps are. You can use the contact information we provide to get in touch and recruit the affiliates you like onto your programme.

We crawl the web to find affiliate websites and we look at what advertisers they are promoting. We contextually understand both the affiliate websites and the advertisers they promote, and we use this data to recommend how relevant each affiliate is.

You can select your sector to see the most relevant affiliates to your market, and you can enter a competitor website to see what affiliates we find promoting them. You can then pull this data into a GAP analysis to see what affiliates you're missing out on. We provide contact information (where we find it) to help you get in touch with the affiliates and our app will help you log the affiliates you want to recruit.

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Publisher Discovery