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June 13 & 14 2023
Chicago, USA
Hilton Chicago Oak Brook

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EF Connect 23 Agenda

9:00 AM - Breakfast & Coffee
10:00 AM - Keynote: State Of Everflow For 2023
Sam Darawish
CEO & Co-Founder
Kanwar Dhaliwal
COO & Co-Founder
Jonathan Blais
CTO & Co-Founder

Kick off Everflow Connect with an update from our co-founders on how the company has grown over the year and what exciting new releases are on the horizon.

10:30 AM - Our Partner Playbook: Growing Your Customers Through Referrals
Ed Ceballos
Head of Partnerships
Remy Swopes
Partner Relationship Manager
Idan Spund
Sen. Partner Relationship Manager

The foundation to our growth has always come from being customer-centric in our product and support.

Learn from our playbook for success by building up relationships with happy customers and tech partners to create a cost-effective growth engine.

10:30 AM - EF Platform Workshop: Conversion Methods

Everflow Connect Workshops are your chance to learn from our customer success experts, and then work through your unique challenges directly with our team.
11:15 AM - Speed Networking
12:00 PM - Lunch
1:00 PM - Panel: State Of Affiliate Marketing In 2023
Aaron Paul
Co-Founder & CEO
Paul Street
Richard Marshall
Sales Director
Michael McMerney
MarTech Record

Everflow Connect's annual update on all things affiliate marketing.

Learn what is working in 2023, where agencies, brands, and publishers are seeing new opportunities, and find out what comes next.

1:00 PM - EF Platform Workshop: Media Buying

1:45 PM - Our EF Match Playbook: Finding The Right Partners
Ioana Chirnogeanu
Marketplace Team Lead
Dani Lyon
Marketplace AM
Drew Johnson
Director of BizDev

Our marketplace team is in the trenches helping match our customers with relevant publishers to help them get traction.

They'll discuss what has been working for them with publisher recruitment, matching, and challenges they are working to overcome.

1:45 PM - EF Platform Workshop: Analytics

2:30 PM - Panel: How To Drive Results Through Media Buying Affiliates
Ben Middlemas
Senior Director, Partnerships
Golden Hippo
Ryan Alarid
Co-Founder & CMO
Affiliate Moguls & Network Marketing Pro
Whitney Bastian
Customer Success Manager

Growing with affiliate media buyers is the dream for any brand: no risk, all reward. Unfortunately, this means affiliates are taking on the risk, leading to inactivity and churn if things aren't working out.

Learn how to set your brand up for success by ensuring your program has the structure and support to allow media buyers to thrive.

2:30 PM - EF Platform Workshop: Messaging

3:15 PM - Panel: Using Data To Develop Partnerships
Justin Zimmerman
Partner Webinar Coach
Adam Michalski
VP of Ecosystem
Lindsay Jensen
Sr. Director of Channel Strategy and Growth

Take a deep dive into the world of B2B partnerships and learn how to map data with your partners, build automations in your communications, and effectively develop your partnerships to deliver results.

3:15 PM - EF Platform Workshop & Best Practices From OPTIZMO: Email

4:00 PM - Keynote: Performance Partnerships Pave The Way To Growth In Uncertain Times
Robert Glazer
Founder, Chairman Of The Board
Acceleration Partners

The economy is unpredictable right now with an avalanche of news stories featuring both economic bright spots and signs of potential downturn.

Investment is down, the cost of media buying is up, but companies need to keep growing.

Robert Glazer will walk us through how to build consistent and sustainable growth through effective use of win-win performance partnerships.

8:00 PM To 10:00 PM - Offsite Party At Pinstripes

Offsite Party At Pinstripes

Join us for an evening of bocce ball, bowling, and free-flowing spirits as we take our conference hijinks off-site.

Pinstripes Oak Brook

7 Oakbrook Center, Oak Brook, IL 60523

9:00 AM - Breakfast & Coffee
10:00 AM - Keynote: State Of Partner Led Growth
Asher Mathew
Partnership Leaders
Kelly Sarabyn
Platform Ecosystem Advocate

Partnerships are evolving into one of the major toolkits for growing companies of all sizes.

Asher and Kelly will take us through a deep dive of their new report, providing data on how marketing leaders are thinking about partnerships and how they drive growth within their own organizations.

11:00 AM - Our Media Buying Playbook: How To Double Quality Leads
Michael Cole
SVP of Marketing
Ceno Pant
Product Marketing

Learn about how in Q4 2022, we increased our quality leads from Google Ads by 91% (with only a 9% increase in budget)!

We'll walk through how we structure our own Google Ads programs, use the platform integration to obtain better results, and show you which optimization strategies have proven themselves for our campaigns.

11:00 AM - Workshop: Unlock Micro-Affiliates And Direct Sellers With MiBrand And MiWare Everflow Extensions

Direct Selling companies popularized using micro-influencers to drive growth. Today, they are tapped by massive brands such as Adobe because they provide higher personalization and enjoy higher trust from their followers, translating into up to a 13x higher engagement rate than traditional influencers.

In this workshop, you will learn how Shoptivity’s newly released MiBrand and MiWare extensions on top of your Everflow instance to enable Direct Selling companies and DTC brands to work with micro-influencers:

- Build and manage your own Micro Affiliate network
- Manage relationships at scale while complying with regulations
- Manage performance with a specific feature set and metrics

11:30 AM - Speed Networking
12:00 PM - Lunch
1:00 PM - Fireside Chat: How To Build Communities, Raving Fans, And Insane Growth
Ed Ceballos
Head Of Partnerships
Kathleen Booth
SVP Marketing

We explore how communities can be at the center of companies go-to-market strategy.

We'll explore how to build those communities, effective strategies for empowering passionate community members, and how communities can directly amplify your success.

1:00 PM - EF Platform Workshop: Invoices

1:45 PM - Panel: What Works For Lead Gen In 2023
Sheena Jacobson
SVP, Sales
Flatiron Media
Andrew Klayman
Chief Sales Officer
What If Media Group
Cari Hartman
VP of Partnerships
UNIK Media Group

Lead generation is an ever-changing space where the tactics that print money one year, may not work at all the next year.

Our lead gen experts will explore the verticals that are working currently, effective traffic channels, and what are evergreen strategies for driving lead generation revenue.

1:45 PM - EF Platform Workshop: Integrations

2:30 PM - Panel: Overcoming Challenges At Scale: Payments, Processes, And Retention
Zach Svendsen
Sr. Director of Alliances & Business Development
Julia Gluzman
Sales Manager
Sophia Tupolev
VP of Communications

With every stage of growth, you'll run into new challenges.

On this panel will explore how to set your company up for continuing success and break through the barriers to scale.

2:30 PM - EF Platform Workshop: Smart Links

3:15 PM - Panel: Secrets To Scaling Your Affiliates
Cooper Schwartz
Head of New Business & Growth
Leanna Klyne
Agency Director
Daniel Ziegler
Director Of Partnerships
Joy Wallet

New brands often launch affiliate programs without considering their affiliates' success. Those programs quickly sputter out as affiliates test, see poor results, and go inactive.

We'll hear directly from super affiliates and agencies about how to make sure affiliates are successful, and developing those relationships into lasting results.

3:15 PM - EF Workshop: Ask Us Anything

4:00 PM - Keynote: Passion, Purpose, and Partnerships
Alex Buckles

Finding and living your purpose is one of the most rewarding journeys you can take.

Alex walks us through how he turned his passion for serving the autism community into his life’s purpose, how he’s expanding his impact through partnerships, and how you can do the same.

5:00 PM To 8:00 PM - Awards Dinner & Party

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Tipalti is an accounting software financial technology business that provides accounts payable, procurement and global payments automation software for businesses.
OPTIZMO is an Enterprise Class Solution for automating email suppression list management and streamlining all of your subscriber's Opt-Out preferences.

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