No full conference for 2021

We are planning a mini-event in late Q3 to be announced.

We also plan to host some parties tied around the major conferences.

Here is what happened at Connect 2020:

2020 Agenda

Day 1: Everflow-Focused Workshops

Monday, June 15

Agenda Topic:

10:00 AM PT

Discovering New Opportunities through EverXChange

10:30 AM PT

Tracking Methods: Past, Present, and Future

11:00 AM PT

Split Testing: Smart Links & Optimization

11:30 AM PT

Unlocking New Performance Channels with Everflow

12:00 AM PT

Top 5 Tips: Saving Time and Effort with Everflow

Day 2: Industry Sessions

Tuesday, June 16

Agenda Topic:

10:00 AM PT

Lessons from 18,376 Subscription Companies: Value-Based Pricing Strategy

Patrick Campbell

11:00 AM PT

How to Build a Community that Drives Results
David Berkowitz - Serial Marketer
Ryan Green - Gridwise
Chalymar Barkarr - Invoca
Moderator: Nancy Adossi

11:45 AM PT

Native Advertising User Acquisition - When, Why, and How
Joe Burton - ROI Marketplace
Ryan Scibelli - Advida
Richard Marques - Revcontent
Moderator: Michael Cole

1:30 PM PT

Breaking into Shopify through Partnerships

Derric Haynie
Ecommerce Tech

2:15 PM PT

Building your Lead Funnel: Generation, Optimization, and Scaling
Andrew Klayman - What If Media Group
Eli Saad - VRBO
Kiran Rana - Wax Digital Solutions
Moderator: Sara McGuire

3:00 PM PT

Using Push Notifications to Maximize Customer Value

Emerson Smith

3:45 PM PT

Going Global: Partnerships, Payments, and Expansion
Marwan Forzley - Veem
David Stellato  - DFO
Emily Lonetto - Voiceflow
Moderator: Tyla Cobb

4:30 PM PT

The Recession Proof Revenue Stream: Strategies and
Pivots That Are Growing Companies in A Post-COVID World

Amber Spears
East 5th Avenue

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Everflow is the smarter Partner Marketing Platform for driving performance from: affiliates, influencers, strategic partners, and media buying channels. Track every channel and device, understand the placements that really drive results, and automate your optimization.


Tipalti helps hyper-growth marketplace platforms that need reliable, scalable global partner payables. Our customers streamline payables, improve compliance, reduce risk, and strengthen partner relations.

The Location:

Haswell Green's
240 W 52nd St New York, NY 10019


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Brad's Deals was looking for a robust solution to help improve our in-house affiliate partner tracking needs. Everflow met all of the criteria we required during the evaluation process. The platform gave us quick and seamless access to new e-commerce merchants who otherwise would not be able to partner with us.

We appreciate that Everflow was simple to integrate into our existing systems and has helped us expand our affiliate partner reach in a more strategic and impactful way for our business.

Casey Runyan of Brad's Deals
Managing Editor
Brad's Deals Logo


Skillz was looking for a solution to help us manage and track our affiliate and strategic distribution partnerships in a mobile ecosystem. Everflow offered everything we were looking for and more with highly competitive pricing. The onboarding process was seamless and their intuitive platform made it very easy to migrate and launch new campaigns.

But above all, Everflow's service first approach and incredible customer service has made them a joy to work with and validated our choice in making them our long-term growth partner.

Felipe Becerra of Skillz
Felipe Becerra
Strategic & Affiliate Partnership
Skillz Logo


Everflow has been a game-changer for me!

I own a supplement company and my growth and scale is driven through direct-response marketing. But because of having a Shopify store, my options for an affiliate platform were limited. You see, the platforms available to me did not allow for sub ids and postbacks… which many publishers require. I was stuck until I found Everflow. It integrates with Shopify and handles sub id and postback tracking. Now I can scale my company the way I’ve been wanting to.

Sandy DeRose of DeRose Health
Sandy DeRose
Bold Screen Media Logo


After comparing platforms we chose Everflow. Everflow has an intuitive design, it was the only solution with a completely open API we could build around, and it was affordable. It just made sense to go with them over other platforms with limitations.

Key takeaways others brand should know for considering Everflow: Amazing team, amazing system.

Ryan Green ofGridwise
Ryan Green
Co-Founder & CEO
AdColony Logo


Great platform, easy to use, and my team loves MTTI report and investigator features. The platform easily handles the massive scale of our business, with no slow downs from pulling reporting or setting up new clients. Their support team has consistently proven itself by quickly addressing and resolving our questions and requests. Everflow has made is massively easier to manage our performance business, make better decisions, and keep our partners happy.

Vitali Abramov of FMG
Vitali Abramov
FMG Logo


Everflow was the up-and-comer platform we considered for growing the UA side of our business, and it was clear to us that it was the gold standard solution. We've been super happy with the platform's advanced capabilities, and it's been a real relief to not deal with all of the annoying hassles and issues that are common with some of the legacy platforms out there.

Dan Alexander of OPN
Dan Alexander
Bold Screen Media Logo


Everflow has been by far the most intuitive and advance tracking platform I have used in my 6+ years in the industry. The technology they have developed has enabled us unparalleled granularity in regulating targeting, allowing us to deliver amazing results for our advertisers.

Another huge factor that makes this platform stand out above others is their flexibility to build out custom tools, giving us the ability to adapt quickly with the ever changing mobile ecosystem. I am beyond impressed with what the platform they have built!

Alexander Cano of AdColony
Alexander Cano
Director of Performance
AdColony Logo