Your Roadmap
To Hyperscale

Ready for your network to grow faster and use fewer resources?

Pave your path to faster scale by building out your white label platform to manage all types of advertiser campaigns, granular data analysis, partner recruitment, and fraud prevention.


Evaluate Program Needs

The first step in upgrading to a new platform requires determining which of your needs are limiting growth.

Here are the some of the most common reasons why networks switch to Everflow:

  • They want easy access to expert support when they run into any issues.

  • They're tired of platform outages.

  • They never want to spend another hour in a spreadsheet creating pivot tables.

  • They want to automate their time consuming optimization tasks.

  • They want to leverage integrations to work with more opportunities, quicker.


Considering migrating over to Everflow?

The Everflow team can handle a full data and setup migration from your current platform. During the migration, you'll be able to continue using your current platform while tracking data in both platforms. When the migration is complete, you'll be all set for running campaigns through Everflow.


Request An Everflow Demo

Our website shows only small glimpses into how we can help accelerate your growth. The best way to see how we can help your network is through a consultative demo with our team. You can request now, and keep reading in the meantime.

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What's The Easiest Way To Launch? Try Everflow Plus.

Everflow Plus is our white-glove service that provides you with extra support resources for taking your network from pre-launch to scale. (Note: even if you don't choose this option, you'll still have access to stellar customer success resources.)

With Everflow Plus you'll get:

  • A proactive account manager who will get your program ready to launch with offers, tracking, and attribution in place

  • Full data and setup migrations from existing platforms completed for you

  • Ongoing training calls for your team

  • Technical resources for activating existing integrations, and scoping available for custom integration requirements

  • Global partner payment processing at scale without any outside contracts or setups

  • Direct introductions to hand-picked, proven partners for driving performance for your verticals and offers

Why Everflow Plus?

Our goal with Everflow Plus is to make the transition to a more powerful platform easier for your team so that you can scale sooner. We will help set your program up the right way, make key partner introductions to start seeing the ROI you need, and we'll connect your tech stack so you can make smart decisions about your performance reporting.


Customize Your New Platform

Unlike competitor platforms, Everflow allows you to create a truly customized experience for your affiliates, advertisers, influencers, and all key partners.

In just a few steps, you'll be able to create all necessary partner-facing materials including branded signup pages, legal forms, and partner dashboards.

On the backend, you'll be able to customize your dashboard to create time-saving structures for reporting, onboarding, and managing partners that work with your existing processes.


    Grow Faster With Easy Integrations

    The most effective network customers utilize Everflow's integrations to work faster and optimize performance.

    Integrations are easy to set up and allow you to boost program performance by connecting your valuable tech stack to your Everflow instance.

    Our most commonly used types of integrations for networks include:

    • Facebook, Google Ads, TikTokGet more data and optimize performance for internal and affiliate media buys.

    • PaymentsCollect tax forms, verify payment information, and send payments easily through a selection of multiple payment processors.

    • SuppressionManage internal and affiliate email & SMS campaigns through multiple solution providers.

    You can see our full list of integrations and partners here:

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    Custom Integrations

    Do you need a critical integration that we don't offer? With Everflow Plus, we can scope your requirements for any integration that we don't currently offer. Then, we'll provide a clear, fair proposal for building out the custom integration, including estimated delivery time.

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    Use Tools To Scale Offers & Fight Fraud

    There's a lot more to an offer than payout and creatives.

    Everflow allows you to optimize the performance of affiliate, lead generation, mobile, and all offer types with time-saving rules and automations.

    A few ways Everflow can amplify the performance of your offers:

    • Save Time With Smart LinksReplace routine daily tasks and optimize offer performance with automations that will split test traffic, rotate offers based on preferred KPIs, and send users who don’t meet targeting criteria to eligible offers.

    • Get Quality Traffic With Targeting RulesSet rules around day parting, block traffic based on URL parameters, flag IP addresses, and ensure only quality traffic reaches your offers. Traffic that doesn’t meet your requirements will automatically be redirected to a relevant offer.

    • Easily Fight Fraud With SmartSwitchAutomatically optimize your campaigns based on your data, or Everflow reports:
 Auto-block potential fraud such as bots or proxies,
 and poor-performing or incentivized traffic.

    Set Up Alerts & Dynamic Messaging To Automate Communication

    With Everflow, you can use two tools to automate routine, partner-related communications:
    Communicating with your partners, and communicating with your team about partner activity, doesn't have to totally consume your time anymore.

    AlertsActivate alerts for notifying your team whenever there is something that requires attention, like high-invalid click volume, unnaturally-rising conversion rates, or suspicious click-to-conversion times.

    Alerts use metric-based rules that you set to trigger when thresholds are met (like % of invalid clicks, or number of gross clicks), so your team stays informed when it matters.

    Dynamic Messaging
    Ramp up new partners with timely communication, activate dormant partners with a push to action, promote offers to select partners, and send segmented email communication directly through dynamic in-platform messaging.


    Why coupon affiliates are great

    There are strong arguments for the value of coupon affiliates. Consumers are more likely to buy and less likely to look at competitors when they find a deal on a third party site. It feels more special.

    Harvest Hosts uses dynamic messaging to ensure target affiliate groups receive the right offers and information at their current stage of growth. See how this timely email communication is helping to boost affiliate activity for the Harvest Host affiliate program in our case study.


    Make Sure Everything Is Ready For A Quick & Strong Launch

    Ensuring everything is running smoothly and setting scalable processes from the start will set your program up to grow faster.

    Our onboarding team will first provide guidance on best integrations, automations, and processes to scale your program -- based on your niches, verticals, and network strengths.

    Our team will ensure your launch runs smoothly by testing the most common setup issues:

    • Are you tracking user clicks when they reach your website?

    • Are you recording conversions when these user's purchase?

    • Does the conversion have the correct revenue and payout?

    • Are your partner tracking links set up to pass you the right data points? Usually the partner ID, offer ID, and their placement IDs.

    • Are you returning all the conversion data points that would help your partners scale their efforts?

    • For advanced partners, are you firing their postback properly to pass back all of the parameters they need?

    Recruit Better Advertising & Publisher Partners Into Your Program

    Everflow provides two powerful ways to recruit strong advertising and publisher partners into your program:

    MarketplaceMarketplace features a directory of proven partners who have already integrated with Everflow, located conveniently inside your Everflow dashboard.

    Simply search for advertising and publishing partners according to niche, vertical, or location to find the partners you need to take your program to the next level.

    Once you've chosen partners to invite to your program, it only takes a few clicks to send an invitation and integrate.

    EF Match (a part of Everflow Plus)With EF Match, our team will dive into your network and find advertising and publishers that have a record of success for promoting and providing offers in your network's key niches and verticals.

    Once we've discovered a new partner for you, we'll reach out to gauge interest and directly introduce you to the proper contact to get the new relationship moving quickly.


    Where Everflow Plus Fits In

    With Everflow Plus, we're here to help accelerate ROI. One of the ways we do this is by introducing you to a curated set of partners that would be a great fit for promoting your product or business. We bring you high-valued partner relationships that can form a cornerstone of your program as it grows.


    Grow Faster By Understanding What Drove Results

    Taking your program from great to outstanding requires insight into how your partners are driving success. Fortunately, at Everflow we make understanding your data simple.

    For networks, we recommend tracking and optimizing around the following:

    • Events Tracking sales isn't enough -- you should be tracking any event that indicates engagement. Tracking upsells, subscriptions, and email registrations allows you to see which affiliates are driving these valuable, engaged users.

    • Placement IDsProfessional affiliates and media buyers drive traffic from a wide variety of websites and placements. Some placements are good while some deliver fraud, and neither you nor the partner would know the difference without looking at performance at the placement level.

    • Dimensional AnalyticsUsing our Dimensional Analytics tool, you can easily drill down into any partner to see their performance by placement. Deactivating the lowest-quality placements can quickly move the mark and improve overall quality.

    • Review Click-To-Conversion Time reports Regularly checking this report makes it easy to catch coupon poaching and other common types of fraud. After all, users should almost never be purchasing from your website within 20 seconds of arriving.

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